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The Rays Tank: Recap Edition

So, about last night. The Rays didn't score any runs again. That's the fifth time this month they've been shut out. By the way people react to shutouts you'd think the Rays' offense had scored 15 runs all month. They've actually scored the 15th most. Their team wOBA is 13th. They're average. It's an average offense. Inconsistent? Sure. Frustrating when the pitching is doing it's job? Yes. They're average. Complaining about it isn't going to fix anything.

Matt Moore pitched well after a rough first inning. Two out walks usually kill you, and that's what happened to Moore after retiring the first two batters. Edwin Encarnacion trotted to first base and the next three Blue Jay batters reached, giving them a two run lead they'd never relinquish. J.P. Howell extended his scoreless inning streak and Wade Davis increased his K/9 to 10.19.

The Rays best chance to score came in the second inning when Evan Longoria and Matt Joyce lead off with back to back singles. Jeff Keppinger sacrificed them over, eliminating any double play possibility. Unfortunately, Luke Scott and Jose Lobaton were unable to deliver and the Rays came away empty handed.


-If you haven't read our own Bradley Woodrum's piece titled "Swing Planes and Predicting GB-FB Splits" on FanGraphs, do that, like, right now. Many, many, many hours of research went into the piece. As a baseball fan you owe it to yourself to read it.

-Joe Mauer was put on waivers. Many teams COULD use him. No, the Rays are not one of them.

-More about Billy Hamilton stealing 154 bases, because, I can never get enough of that.