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The Rays Tank: Stop Being So Damn Magical, Orioles


Here's the thing: I normally like the Orioles. Their 14-year run of futility has caused me to sympathize with their team and fans, as I know how rough that can be from first hand experience. Something like this season -- even when there's no logical reason for it and it comes like a bolt out of the blue -- it can be incredibly invigorating and once of the most amazing experiences you'll go through as a fan. The 2008 Rays were a dream to follow, and I'm sure the 2012 Orioles are a dream for their fans.

But...c'mon already, Baltimore, why do you have to make this so difficult? Basically every simulator and analyst out there is arguing that the Rays have a better shot of making the playoffs than you. You've outplayed your win differential all year, and the main reason you're in such a fantastic position is because you have been other-worldly in 1-run games. And yet, you're still somehow continuing to win games and outpace the Rays.

It was cute for a while. Amusing, even. But now? Things are getting down to the wire, and you seem to have forgotten that you're supposed to lose to the Rays. I mean, come on, roll over already!

Okay, maybe that isn't going to work. But if nothing else, can't we admit that we should be friends and partners? Aren't our end goals are the same: make the playoffs, and keep those damn Yankees from making it? We can only accomplish this together! So roll over for the Rays these next two games, and we'll then go to New York and take care of business. We're in this together!

  • So it turns out that spending tons of money is meaning even less and less these days, and appears to have little impact on how good a team ends up being. Good, this means the Rays don't need a new stadium or new revenue streams, amirite?
  • David Price threw in a bullpen session yesterday, and his sore shoulder appears to be fine. He's scheduled to start Friday night against the Yankees. This injury does appear to have frightened Price and made him aware of how incredibly fragile the life of a pitcher is, get an extension in-front of that man ASAP.
  • To all of you out there that have been clambering that Moore has been tipping pitches again: kudos, and good eyes! They mentioned it on the broadcast last night, and apparently John Kruk did a segment on it for ESPN recently too. Apparently the Rays should be reading the comments here, though, because some of you picked up on this a long time ago.