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The Rays Tank: Links!

After how yesterday's game ended let's just go with some links for this morning, before I get beat to work by one minute by an Orioles fan.


-The Rays record in one run games is amazing, especially so when you look at Baltimore. The Orioles currently have the best record EVER in one run games while the Rays are 20-26. The offense hasn't been great, but with the pitching as good as it's been that's pretty hard to do.

-Do you want to see the most perfect throw ever from a catcher? Here's Yadier Molina throwing out the fastest man in baseball last night.

-Reading this piece about leveraging the Orioles' bullpen makes me even more angry at the Rays record in one run games.

-Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus takes us on a tour of the best individual story of this baseball season: Eric Kratz

-Who are the most disapointing teams and players this season? If you're a Marlins or Red Sox fan you'd better not look.

-A ray of light, hopefully: The Orioles begin a west coast road trip today. Here's hoping they stumble.