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The Rays Tank: The Newest Stadium Proposal

Today a local business man will unveil his proposal for a new Rays stadium. Will it work?

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

At 1:30pm today inside the Carillon Hilton, Darryl LeClair will present his proposal for a new baseball stadium located within the St. Petersburg city limits. Representatives from the city and the Rays will be in attendance. No one has seen any specs. This has been a guarded announcement. No one has seen specs. No one knows where the money will come from. There isn't any parking. LeClair has a lot to explain. We'll have more coverage of it after the meeting.

As a resident of the area, I'll be a big proponent if they can somehow pull it off. But, as someone who has also lived and worked in Carillon, I have no idea how an idea like this is feasible. I hope it goes well, and this obviously won't happen, but I keep picturing LeClair in the Lyle Lanley role.

Those of you who know the area, what do you think? Do you believe this could actually happen?


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