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Top 30 Prospect Week: Kevin's List

It's another top 30 prospect list.


Check back soon for one more contributor's list and a composite top 30.

1. Wil Myers
2. Chris Archer
3. Taylor Guerrieri
4. Hak-Ju Lee
5. Richie Shaffer
6. Jake Odorizzi
7. Enny Romero
8. Alex Colome
9. Jake Hager
10. Drew Vettleson

11. Josh Sale
12. Tyler Goeddel
13. Blake Snell
14. Todd Glaesmann
15. Mikie Mahtook
16. Ryan Brett
17. Jesse Hahn
18. Jeff Ames
19. Felipe Rivero
20. Andrew Toles

21. Oscar Hernandez
22. Tim Beckham
23. Alex Torres
24. Brandon Guyer
25. Ty Morrison
26. Brandon Martin
27. Patrick Leonard
28. Granden Goetzman
29. Jeff Malm
30. Parker Markel

Not too much deviation from previous lists, honestly. To just address a few points:

I put Vettleson ahead of Sale just because Vettleson's track record is that much longer than Sale's. Sale has the higher ceiling but that's based in large part upon his power, and I'm not totally convinced he can translate enough of his raw power into usable, consistent in-game power. I still like Sale, in part because I feel power is slightly undervalued, I just have Vettleson a hair higher. Along those lines, I'm higher on Glaesmann than most because of the power. He doesn't have the track record and his K/BB leaves something to be desired, but a RF who can defend, throw, and hit for power carries value even if his OBP isn't where you'd like to see.

Mahtook and Brett get dinged slightly because both of their ceilings as hitters don't match the guys above. Felipe Rivero is downgraded a little bit because I don't know if a 6-0/151 (listed) pitcher can hold up in the long run. Alex Torres still has good stuff and his winter league performance gives me some hope he can throw strikes at a passable rate. He, Beckham, and Guyer obviously get points for being right on the cusp of the majors even if you don't see either as an everyday guy. Any other questions I'm happy to answer in the comments, even about how attractive I am. Especially about how attractive I am.