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The Rays Tank: Actual Rays News!

Thursday was a busy day in the world of the Rays

J. Meric

A lot happened with the Rays yesterday. We've written about some of it already but let's consolidate for those who like their information in one place.

Kyle Farnsworth:

The Rays re-signed the veteran right hander, this time to a one year, $1.5 million contract. He was injured most of last season but returned late in the year to some success. Having a healthy Fernando Rodney, Joel Peralta, Jake McGee, and Kyle Farnsworth as the back end of your bullpen makes me happy inside.

Luke Scott:

No official word on the contract specifics, but Scott is returning pending a physical. The Rays have to clear a spot on the 40 man roster as well. There weren't many other options on the DH market, so Scott returning seems like a smart move.

James Shields:

In a classy move by a classy player, Shields made a video, saying thank you and goodbye to everyone for his 10+ years in the organization.


Major League Baseball again had some harsh words for the Tampa Bay area, saying, among other things

"The Commissioner has had conversations with Stuart Sternberg and is disappointed with the current situation in the Tampa Bay market. The status quo is simply not sustainable.

MLB has been unhappy with the area for years, so that statement is nothing new.


-Buster Olney lists his top lineups of all time ($). Four lineups from the 90s made it: 1995 Indians (2nd), 1998 Yankees (6th), 1996 Mariners (7th), and the 1996 Rockies (9th)

-Jeff Sullivan takes a look at the production of brothers before and after they became teammates.'s Jonathon Mayo ranks his top 10 shortstop prospects. Hak-Je Lee comes in 9th.