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The Rays Tank: Where The Rays Rank

Where the Rays rotation, infield, outfield and lineup rank in baseball

The key to the Rays season?
The key to the Rays season?
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Since it's an extremely slow news day let's take a look at Buster Olney's top 10 series he's been running every day this week on his blog at ESPN. The full lists are behind a paywall but I'll re-print the rankings here, minus his analysis.

Top 10 rotations: Tigers, Nationals, Dodgers, Phillies, Reds, Rays, Jays, Braves, Giants, A's

Top 10 outfields: Angels, Nationals, A's, Dodgers, Cardinals, Reds, Brewers, Braves, D'backs, Orioles

Top 10 infields: Rangers, Tigers, Reds, Rays, Yankees, Braves, Jays, Nationals, Giants, Royals

Top 10 lineups: Angels, Brewers, Cardinals, Rangers, Nationals, Red Sox, Rockies, Jays, Reds, Yankees

The Rays appear only twice and likely would have finished with a top three rotation if Shields was still with the team. As Olney notes in his write up, they'll climb as far as Matt Moore can carry them. The infield is going to have excellent defense and above average offense, assuming Longoria stays healthy so that rank is no surprise.

The lineup certainly wasn't going to crack anyone's top ten list, but the outfield has a chance. Some combination of Desmond Jennings/Matt Joyce/Ben Zobrist/Wil Myers is going to be good, and could be very good if Jennings takes a step forward and Myers comes in and shines. At the very least they can be better than the Orioles who are putting Nate McCloth back in left field.

Washington was the only team to appear on each list. I'm glad they're in the National League.

What do you all think? Are those rankings fair? Unfair?


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