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Playoff Rosters, Part 1: Eligibility

Who's eligible?

Tom Szczerbowski

The wild-card round lasts for only a single game, but it's treated as if it's an entire series. The Rays can set their roster for the game and then if they advance, reset it for the divisional series. So here's how the system works. Any player who was on the Rays 25-man roster (or on the disabled list) at 11:59 PM of August 31 is eligible for a playoff roster. Additionally, any player from the disabled list can be swapped out for another player in the organization, but pitchers can only be swapped for pitchers, and position players can only be swapped for position players.

It's a complex system more complex by the fact that on September 1, I didn't note for my own use and posterity who was eligible and who wasn't. Here's my reconstruction of who was on the 25 man roster a month ago, along with the possible DL exemptions. Before we get too far into hypothesizing rosters, please check my work.

Starting pitchers:

Eligible Not Eligible
David Price Jeremy Hellickson
Alex Cobb Jake Odorizzi
Matt Moore Enny Romero
Chris Archer
Roberto Hernandez

Relief pitchers:

Eligible Not Eligible
Brandon Gomes Jeff Beliveau
Jake McGee Josh Lueke
Joel Peralta
Cesar Ramos
Fernando Rodney
Alex Torres
Jamey Wright
Wesley Wright

Possible DL Exemptions: Alex Colome, Jesse Crain, Jeff Niemann, Juan Carlos Oviedo

Position players:

Eligible Not Eligible
Jose Lobaton Chris Gimenez
Jose Molina Freddy Guzman
Yunel Escobar Kevin Kiermaier
James Loney Delmon Young
Evan Longoria
Ben Zobrist
David DeJesus
Sam Fuld
Desmond Jennings
Kelly Johnson
Matt Joyce
Wil Myers
Sean Rodriguez
Luke Scott

Possible DL Exemptions: Brandon Guyer

I know that's 27 players. Matt Moore and Luke Scott were on the disabled list as of August 31, and therefore are eligible for playoff rosters.

In part two, we'll examine possible rosters for Cleveand, and in part three, for the rest of the playoffs, should the Rays advance.

Note: Hak-Ju Lee is on the minor league disabled list, rather than the major league one. He does not count for an exception.

Edit: Just for some extra clarification, the players labeled as "ineligible" can still be put on the postseason roster through the DL exemption roster. For example, Delmon Young will be able to play in the playoffs because Brandon Guyer is on the DL. Jeremy Hellickson and Jake Odorizzi can play because the Rays have four pitchers on the DL.

Edit: The real roster is now posted.

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