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The Rays Tank: Four degrees for Wil Myers

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Wil Myers was named American League Rookie of the Year!*

*by Sporting News

Is that news? I don't know. I've been sequestered with a work project from dawn till dusk, so it's news to me.

Anyway, it brings up another question: How many steps (of teammates) does it take to get from Wil Myers to Kevin Garnett?**

Slate has developed a toolthat connects athletes to one another in a few steps as possible, spoofing the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" theory as "Six Degrees of Kevin Garnett."

**The answer is four:

KEVIN GARNETT played on the 1995-96 Minnesota Timberwolves with ...
Mark Davis (1988-1989), who played on the 1996-97 Philadelphia 76ers with ...
Mark Hendrickson, who played on the 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers with ...
James Loney, who played on the 2013 Tampa Bay Rays with ...

You could probably sit there and do this for hours, but luckily the tool has become so popular that Slate has crashed twice and the tool can often stop working.

The holy grail for using the tool is currently 14 degrees, but try and see how far removed from Wil Myers you can get, and share it in the comments.

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