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Rays Tank: Anybody remember our obstruction call?

Marc Topkin does.

Grit, toughness, or both?
Grit, toughness, or both?
Rob Carr

The World Series is tied 2-2, on the back of a Jonny Gomes three run homer. How were the Sox able to bounce back after that tough loss in game three? Richard Justice has the answer. It's because of grit and toughness.

Speaking of game three, it ended on an obstruction call at third base. Marc Topkin recalled that the Rays once won a game on an obstruction call, back in 2004, when two Mariners attempted to obstruct Carl Crawford's view of a catch. I definitely wasn't watching at the time, but it's kind of neat.

We spent a lot of time this postseason second-guessing Joe Maddon. It's good to see that we aren't alone when it comes to questioning managers' decisions (really, we have it pretty good). Here's a brief roundup from the past couple days:

I think MGL is the best in the business at analyzing managerial moves, so it's really pretty cool to have him writing regularly again.


- Fangraphs handed out their gold gloves, and the Rays infield placed second at each position, although they sort of cheated at first base.

- According to Ken Rosenthal, bench coach Dave Martinez's name is not on the list of second interviews for the Cubs managerial position.

- Jonny Gomes GIF, anyone?


- MLB PR reports that last night's world series game had a rating of 10.5, the best of the series and in spite of Sunday Night Football.

- The Hardball Times looked at the 12 most bizarre endings to World Series games -- Chris Jaffe might need to edit for last night's walk off pick-off at first base.