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The Rays Tank: Paper airplanes at the World Series?

Sure, why not. This series has had everything else.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox beat the Cards and are now up 3-2 in the World Series with the chance to win it all at Fenway on Wednesday night.

But an impressive paper airplane stole the show from those bearded Bostonians.


Photo: Eileen Blass, USA TODAY Sports

Bravo to whoever was able to concoct a paper airplane within the stands of Busch that was sturdy and aerodynamic enough to soar through the infield and make it to the mound.

As someone with years of unsuccessful practice under my belt, I know that creating an airplane that is actually able to take off and get some height and distance is not an easy task.

So, anonymous creator of said plane, I don't know if boredom, dislike of one of the teams or a realization that this was the ideal moment to showcase your stellar skills prompted your creation, but whatever it was: superb job.


- It's the offseason, and there's a mayoral election in the future, so there's a piece in the Tampa Bay Times polling Rays fans on both sides of the Bay about where the Rays should play. No life changing new insight: 48% are open to letting the team explore options all over, not just in St. Pete; 39% are opposed; and 13% are unsure or did not answer.

- Jonathan Mayo of provided a nice profile of prospect Richie Shaffer and his time in the AFL, and also mentioned the Rays other pitching and hitting prospects spending time there this year.

- ICYMI: MLB and Chevrolet thought a "Silverado Strong" promotion was a grand idea considering the "Boston Strong" presence throughout this year, and particularly, in this World Series. The idea got pulled before the game started, much to the approval of just about everyone.

- The Hardball Times took a look at teams in World Series history that reached a 90% Championship Expectancy level in the sixth game, then blew it anyways.