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The Rays Tank: Happy Offseason

A bearded zombie clan of hungover men have invaded the Northeast, obnoxiously rioting in the streets and rambling about oddly colored socks. Halloween is weird, ya'll.

In exactly five months the Rays will open up the 2014 season against the Blue Jays at Tropicana Field.

But who's counting?


- The history of baseball, entitled Árbol de Béisbol, in a really, really cool interactive and unique graphic by Craig Robinson of

- There was a thought provoking piece in The New Yorker by Adrian Cardenas, a former Cubs prospect who quit baseball last year at the age of 24, which proposed some takes on the sport that most of us probably haven't thought about.

- Hardball Times took a look at pitches seen by hitters, and questioned whether offensive performance improves on each additional pitch seen; and if repeat views of types of pitches help a batter.

- There's a FanPost up by Robert Cochrane, who went with his dad, who has Parkinson's Disease, to all 30 ballparks in 2004, filmed in a documentary. They're currently raising money for round two of the tour, and are seeking your help.

- A Reddit user put together an infographic of the World Series vs. the highest rated TV show of that year.

- Entirely not baseball related, but the New Orleans Pelicans mascot will give you nightmares. Happy Halloween.