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Rays Tank: On to game two

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Tank is going to be short because (A) I don't want to dwell on yesterday all that much, (B) I was out a bit late last night and just woke up, and (C) it's a quick turnaround time to today's game (Price vs. Lackey at 5:30 on TBS) and there is much previewing to be done.

David Laurila of FanGraphs has a recap of yesterdays debacale that includes a witty title and a few good quotes.

Jeff Zimmerman uses his tool to analyze the tendencies of the home plate umpires in the ALDS series.

Beyond the Box Score did a postseason mailbag. Look at questions four and five. I know some people are thinking about those.

Perhaps in honor of the Rays' effort, James Gentile of The Hardball Times looked at the most costly errors of the 2013 regular season. No Rays make the list. Interestingly, when looking at the most costly errors of all time (with time starting in 1974), Jim Thome is the only player to appear twice in the top 15.

Wendy Thurm, a former lawyer, discusses the hearing that recently took place in the San Jose vs. MLB lawsuit. It's a case that could have an impact on any team's ability to move cities, and is therefore required reading for anyone wishing to have an educated discussion on the ramifications of Rays's attendance problems.

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