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MLB Playoffs: A Jake Peavy Scouting report

Their White Sox pitcher is more use than our White Sox pitcher.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For their second consecutive elimination game, (and 4.5th this year), the Rays will face right handed pitcher Jake Peavy, acquired earlier this season from Chicago for a sack of beans. Peavy has been pretty solid this season, and it would be tough to argue that the Red Sox don't have an advantage. Here are some relevant 2013 statistics from the matchup:

Jake Peavy (144.2 IP) Jeremy Hellickson (174.0 IP)
K% 20.5% 18.3%
BB% 6.1% 6.8%
GB% 32.7% 39.6%
ERA 4.17 5.17
FIP 3.96 4.22
xFIP 4.03 4.15
SIERA 3.95 4.15

Peavy, over the course of his career has had normal splits, but there might be some question about his splits this year. While lefties have hit him for a higher wOBA (.217 vs. .219), his xFIP has been identical to each (4.03), and his FIP against lefties has actually been a bit better than against righties (3.92 vs. 4.01).

Peavy has earned his success with a deep repertoire and a balanced approach (although his changeup probably has gotten the most plaudits). It doesn't matter what type of batter you are, he has the tools to attack you.



According to Brooks Baseball definitions Peavy's four-seam and two-seam fastballs average 92 and 93 mph respectively, his cutter sits at 87 mph, his changeup at 84 mph, slider at 83 mph, and the sweeping curve down at 79 mph. Of course there's a tendency for Peavy to go slider to righties and changeup to lefties, but he has enough pitches to rarely become predictable.

Peavy's four-seam fastball is an extreme flyball pitch, so between him and Hellickson, be prepared to see a lot of balls in the air tonight, and hope it's the right ones that find their way out.

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