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Wil Myers experiences leg stiffness; exits Game 3 of ALDS

Myers exited Game 3 of the ALDS shortly before the eighth inning.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

During Game 3 of the ALDS, Myers came up limping after a normative swing on a pitch low and outside from Junichi Tazawa.

Myers reached for his left calf after the foul out, but stayed at the plate. After swinging for a strike out, Myers still felt stiffness in both legs but tried to take the field. After warm ups in right, Rays assistant trainer Paul Harker talked with Myers and they opted to remove him from the game.

The problem was serious enough that Maddon pulled his designated hitter Matt Joyce from the game, reverting the line up to National League rules of having the pitcher in the line up. He would have been the third batter in the bottom of the ninth inning of yesterday's game, but his slot was given to pinch hitter Jose Lobaton, and we know how that ended.

Myers was taken to the clubhouse to receive IV fluids, as leg cramps are often associated with dehydration. This was reported to be the likely cause of Myers's leg stiffness once Maddon conferred with head trainer Ron Porterfield after the game.

Myers noted he had never experienced an injury like this before, which I find interesting, considering his reputation for extra large soft drinks.

The rookie of the year candidate is currently 0-for-12 in the AL Divisional Series, and is not expected to miss any playing time, but we will update if any news breaks.