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The Rays Tank: ROY set to be announced

Also, lots of good pitching research.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

The Rookie of the Year award will be announced later on today, with Jose Iglesias joining Rays Wil Myers and Chris Archer as finalists. Really, this has to be Myers.


You can read the final wrap of the entire SB Nation Offseason Simulation here. My Rays wrap is here, and I'll still going to collect up, for those who were interested, the offers I received for David Price.

Jeff Sullivan tries to examine BABIP for pitchers and how it relates to pitches in the zone vs. pitches out of the zone. He gets the opposite results of what he expected. A little while ago I did something similar with hitters, and also go the opposite result from what I was expecting.

Do pitchers pump up their fastball when looking for a strikeout? Jon Roegele investigates.

Does having a shallow repertoire actually hurt pitchers on later times through the order? MGL investigates.

Really good work from Russell Carleton on the cost of a win ($$), looking at both the free-agent market and the development market.

Interesting article from The Wall Street Journal on Hawk-Eye, Tennis's ball-tracking technology, discussing how accurate it is. There's an average error of a few millimeters, which I suppose can matter for tennis. When considering the pros and cons of robot umps, an average error of a few millimeters would be perfectly acceptable, I think.

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