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Rays Tank: Welcome Mark Lowe

And J.P. Howell speaks out about bullying.


Over the weekend, the Rays signed Mark Lowe to a minor league contract. As Danny discussed, Lowe has had a big arm in the past, and while he's lost velocity, there's some potential there.

Speaking of big arms, Jeff Sullivan tracks a trend among major league pitchers. Fastballs are getting faster.

The Rangers have signed pitcher Martin Perez to a long-term deal, and Jason Collette takes a look at the success rate for long-term deals given to pre-arbitration pitchers.

We've been talking on the site recently about projections. Brandon Firstname, from the FanGraphs Community section, takes a look at how much to weigh past years for players on different parts of their aging curve.

Fantasy websites aren't necessarily the first place you think to look for prospect roundups, but Fake Teams is doing a real nice job with their prospect keeper articles. Here's the latest one (Astros).

J.P. Howell spoke to Los Angeles children about about bullying, not just in the NFL, but from personal experience in MLB as well. From the article:

When he broke into the major leagues, he owned one suit, a gift from his father. A veteran player — Howell would not identify him — cut up the suit and did not replace it.

It's a good article, worth the read.

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