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The Rays Tank: See ya, Jeff

Does anyone else feel like it's been a sloooow offseason thus far?


ICYMI from yesterday, Jeff Niemann elected to become a free agent after being outrighted from the 40 man.

Niemann would like to return to the Rays, saying,

"Absolutely. I was born and raised by those guys. ... It's been an honor to be a part of what has happened to the organization since I've been here."

Chances seem slim that Friedman and Co would work out a deal with Niemann, especially since his optimistic take on his comeback is for rehab starts in April and May, with a second-half of the season return to the majors.


- ESPN Insider article, but Jim Bowden proposed the following trade between the Rays and the Braves for David Price:

The move: Trade top pitching prospect Lucas Sims, shortstop Jose Peraza and Alex Wood to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for left-handed pitcher and former Cy Young Award winner David Price and outfield prospect Drew Vettleson.

- R.J. and The Process Report looked at the Rays and their "depth-favoring ways," inspired by the signing of Mark Lowe. If you're still not sure who that is, let us help.

- The Phillies re-signed Carlos Ruiz to a three year deal yesterday, which inspired Dave Cameron to take a look at the aging curve of catchers and the notion that the older a catcher gets, the more his value drops. While on the topic, Fangraphs also provided a really interesting look at the value of catcher's throwing arms, particularly in determining the outcome of would be base stealers.

- Yasiel Puig broke into Chavez Ravine and had a nice little afternoon of baseball with some kids yesterday. Mind you, he already pitched Little League practice once this offseason. Say what you will about the guy, but he seems to genuinely like spending time with kids. Don't get creepy with this in the comments.