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Rays Tank: Andrew Friedman winning offseason edition

Also, TIPS.

Sign him for his framing, but resign him for his stolen base comedy.
Sign him for his framing, but resign him for his stolen base comedy.
Jared Wickerham

In the biggest news of the weekend, the Rays resigned Jose Molinaa to a two year $4.5 million deal (Rays salary commitments updated here).

In the second biggest news of the weekend, the Yankees signed Brian McCann to a five year $85 million deal. Carlos Ruiz had already resigned in Philly for three years and $26 million.

In the third biggest news of the weekend, the Cardinals singed Jhonny Peralta for four years and $52 million.

And according to Ken Rosenthal:

I know which move gets me excited.

Other Links

If you only read one link in this tank, make it this one. Chris Carruthers brings us TIPS, a new ERA estimator that has interesting things to say about the nature of pitching.

David G. Temple investigates interesting trends in handedness.

Carson Cistulli looks at the predictive power of AFL batting lines (spoiler alert: they're not terribly predictive because of -- you guessed it -- their small sample size).

Japanese baseball executives have come to America to try to rework the posting system and allow Masahiro Tanaka to come to MLB writes Jon Heyman of CBS. I'd like to see Tanaka pitch. On the other, posting fees don't currently count toward the luxury tax, and I'm sure you can figure out what that means in terms of who will be trying to sign him. Also, I get that writing headlines is tough, and that space is limited, but "Japan execs coming here . . ." is pretty bad.

Flowcharts are fun, and here's one on a scout's process from Baseball Prospectus.

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