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The Rays Tank: DDJ deal officially announced

A physical makes it all officially official.

Brian Blanco

The Rays and David DeJesus officially announced DDJ's contract extension, with the numbers by the year being released, revealing that DeJesus agreed to make less money in 2014 so he could make more overall, with $10.5 million dollar guaranteed.

In 2014 DDJ will make $4.25 million, less than his $6.5 million option, but received a $250,000 signing bonus; $5 million in 2015 and a $5 million option or $1 million buyout for 2016.

Grand scheme: by signing the contact extension DeJesus will make $2 million less in 2014 so he can make $4 million more, and if his 2016 option is exercised, potentially $8 million more.

(Contract breakdown and dollars via Marc Topkin.)

Andrew Friedman expressed the happiness by both the Rays and DDJ that the deal was done:

"Both sides approached this with the intent to try to get something done. David wanted to be here and we wanted him to be here. He does a lot of things that we value. He fit in extremely well for the time he was here, and I think more than anything us getting the chance to be around him, and also probably as important as anything was getting a chance to watch how he takes care of himself, gave us confidence and conviction he would be able to remain a good player for at least the next two years.''

Friedman also relayed that the team is in talks with their free agents, but that nothing has been decided concerning who will return in 2014:

"We're working a lot right now trying to put ourselves in the best position to execute our plans as effectively as we can,'' Friedman said.  "It's still too early to really say much. The players that are out there are all expecting to do really well, and rightfully so, and who knows. It's too early to say how things are going to play out. We just have to be extremely prepared to be able to execute on our plan and recognize and appreciate that when we make a decision the trickle down effect that it has and the domino effect of subsequent moves.''


- Instant replay reversal made an appearance in the Arizona Fall League, and Rays prospect Ryan Brett was involved in the call. Brett, who plays for the Salt River Rafters, was called out attempting to steal second, his manager argued the call, and the play was overturned after a very short review. Rob Neyer observed the video review being utilized in the AFL, providing the duration of the challenges; overall, adding only five minutes to game time.

Per MLB Trade Rumors, the Rays have expressed interest in bringing Grant Balfour back to Tampa Bay.

- Yesterday's David Price landing spot rumor of the day was with the Phillies. Where will we he end up today? Only the baseball gods know.

- The newest ESPN 30 for 30 is about Henry and Holly Stephenson, an adorable married couple who planned MLB's schedule with nothing but a pen and paper for 25 years.

- Jeff Passan took a look at the decline of power hitters in the MLB, particularly in this years free agent class.

- Hardball Times tracked how players performed on their birthdays: best, worst and weirdest. The results are actually pretty interesting.