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Rule 5 draft thread

Not picked.
Not picked.
    You could have listened on MLB Radio here.

You can read about the players chosen on Minor League Ball.

Players are eligible if they are:

  • Not on the 40-man roster.
  • Were signed at the age of 18 or younger, and have been in the minors for five years.
  • Were signed at the age of 19 or older, and have been in the minors for four years.

Players selected must spend the entire year on a 25-man roster, or be returned to their former club.

Frankly, I don't expect anything to happen. The Rays have a pretty full 25-man roster (and Friedman has said as much), but we're here.

Round 1:

  1. Astros LHP Patrick Schuster from Diamondbacks (sent to San Diego, apparently).
  2. Chicago White Sox select catcher Adrian Nieto from Nationals.
  3. Phillies select RHP Kevin Munson from Arizona.
  4. Mariners pass.
  5. Rockies select RHP Thomas Conley from Yankees.
  6. Toronto selects LHP Brian Moran from Seattle.
  7. Mets select RHP Seth Rosin from Phillies.
  8. Brewers select LHP Wei-Chung Wang from Pittsburgh.
  9. San Diego passes.
  10. Giants pass.
  11. Angels pass.
  12. Arizona selects RHP Marcos Mateo from Cubs.
  13. Orioles select 3B Michael Almonzar from Boston.
  14. KC passes
  15. Texas passes.
  16. Tampa Bay passes.
  17. Dodgers pass.
  18. Oakland passes.
  19. Atlanta passes.
  20. St. Louis passes

Round 2:

  1. Astros pass.
  2. White Sox pass.
  3. Cubs pass.
  4. Colorado pass.
  5. Mets pass.
  6. Arizona passes.
  7. Baltimore passes.

Was that worth my time? Was that worth your time? Rays did not pick, no Rays were picked.

Minor league draft is about to begin. I'll update if anything interesting happens, but will not feverishly type as it happens.

  • Tampa Bay selects RHP Enderson Franco from Houston's AA roster.
  • Chicago White Sox select catcher Omar Narvaez from Tampa Bay's AA roster.

That's the end of the triple-A draft. Now on to double-A.

  • We passed, as did everyone else.