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Stand Up To Cancer Auction: Rays merchandise still available and ready to make Christmas dreams come true

For a great cause, here's a couple awesome stocking stuffers still available

MLB fans honor loved ones who have fought cancer
MLB fans honor loved ones who have fought cancer
Christian Petersen

Along with the rest of Major League Baseball, the Rays submitted many items for bidding in the Stand Up To Cancer auction earlier this year. These ranged from autographed photos, to locker name plates, to mystery player broken bats, to meetings with Joe Maddon.

The auction is not a new idea, nor did it begin recently. In fact, it ended last night, and for that I feel pretty bad, as I had intended to promote it.

However, not every item sold, and there are a few things remaining where bidding was extended by a few days or their status is listed as BUY NOW. Perusing the list, there are a several goodies could make great stocking stuffers for you and yours.

So in honor of Thanksmas, here's some gift ideas to make your holiday season awesome.

Let's dive in to the leftovers of the SU2C auction!


Game-Used 1st Base from the Tampa Bay Rays 2013 Opening Day Game

This potential Christmas gift would make for the best white elephant (or whatever you call gift-swap) party ever, as person by person could "steal" first base.

Just make sure you go last so you can keep it for yourself (or, if you believe in being fair, pay a little extra and I bet you could get Joe Maddon to fill out a random game-order for you, just like he does with his batting lineups).

Current Price: $250
Number of Bids: 0



BUY NOW: David Price 2012 Cy Young Commemorative Items: Ball and Dirt Coin

Now is a great time to buy gold. But it's an even better time to buy ball and dirt coins.

Buy Now Price: $40


If the ball and dirt is too rich for your blood, for half the cost you can get a piece of David Price's clothes instead!


BUY NOW: David Price 2012 Cy Young Commemorative Items: Jersey Swatch

Jump on it now before Price is gone!

Buy Now Price: $20



BUY NOW: Luke Scott 11x14 Autographed Photo

That's right, the mutton chops are majestic, and they could be yours for less than it would cost for a good lather and a professional shave.

Buy Now Price: $20


and now, the coup de grace!

Img11366928med_medium Img11366927med_medium

2013 Apples on Parade Statue

As part of the MLB All-Star Game festivities, Major League Baseball placed 35 six-foot tall apple statues throughout New York City during June 1 - July 17, 2013. Each of the 35 "Apples on Parade" are unique and only one of each apple was produced.

The Tampa Bay Rays' apple statue, which was placed at 41 Madison Avenue @ 26th Street, is available for bid.


The apple measures 74 inches tall, 48 inches wide and weighs 300 lbs.

Current Price: $250
Number of Bids: 0

Shipping costs will range from $400-1,000 depending on location. But how could you resist?


Finally, in all seriousness, this is the item I think you'll be most interested in.



An intriguing item included in the auction listings are minor league player batting practice jerseys, presumably left over from Spring Training two years ago, based on the pictured above shirt.

Proceeds from this particular sale will benefit the Rays Baseball Foundation, and you can contact the Rays directly at to inquire if a particular minor league player's jersey is available.

Buy Now Price: $25

According to the listing, the jerseys are not authenticated, but at such a low cost this is a pretty fun stocking stuffer for yourself, friends, or family.


There are plenty of game used baseballs, autographed photos from previous greats like Reid Brignac and Jeff Niemann, used champagne bottles and bottle openers, and mystery broken bats (ok, that one is cool) still available. Go take a look!

Shipping is generally $10, although I don't know if that applies for 300 pound apples.

Items up for bid expire Dec. 17.

Items available for Buy Now purchase expire Jan. 31.

Again, all proceeds go to a great cause.