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Merry Christmas, Tampa Bay

It's amazing what you can find on microfilm.

Because a shark is pretty similar to a Ray.
Because a shark is pretty similar to a Ray.
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas, y'all. I came upon the following document while perusing microfilm in the USF library.

Traveled to Bethlehem today with two other Messiah scouts. Small town. Only one light. Saw the kid everyone's talking about who was born twelve days ago. He's got a few things going for him. Some claim he's been prophesied, which is a pretty strong Bayesian Prior, if you're into that sort of thing. Big-ol' star hanging around, lighting the way to him. The kid doesn't cry at all -- just flashes this beautiful smile that lights up the barn, and makes me feel warm and understood. Strong leadership potential.

On the other hand, he hasn't preformed any miracles himself yet, and the Zoroastrian teenager in the next town already has walking through fire down pat. I get that the Bethlehem child is young for his league, but he's all projection at this point.

One thing to note: I'm not certain about his camp. Lots of shepherds and farm animals. Goats and donkeys are notoriously stubborn. If they have his ear, he could be a tough sign. My recommendation is to offer a few chests of frankincense and ease him into a short-season Messiah role to see how he handles the load.

Anyway, I'll have limited internet through New Years, so the posting may be light these next few days. Y'all have a fine holiday weekend, and we'll get back to talking baseball in 2014.