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Rays release Leslie Anderson

and the Jerry Sands claim gains perspective.


Long time Durham first baseman Leslie Anderson has finally departed the Rays organization. Once a center fielder and a member of the Cuban national team, Anderson defected prior to the 2010 season and was signed by Tampa Bay on a four year contract worth $3.75M. State side, he converted to first base and ascended from High-A to Triple-A in his debut season.

Unfortunately, Anderson never left Durham, and has been granted his release to pursue opportunities in Asia.

Now 31 years old, Leslie Anderson has provided quality insurance for the Rays at first base, but his services were never required at the major league level. He batted .295 and knocked 54 home runs for the minor league system.

The release of Anderson should hopefully go unnoticed from a depth perspective, due to the recent waiver claim of Jerry Sands. The right handed first baseman will be in competition for the Rays final roster spot in Spring Training, but will have one option remaining next season.