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2014 DRaysBay Community Prospect #2 Runoff

With only one vote separating Jake Odorizzi and Hak-Ju Lee, we have our first runoff.

J. Meric

After two days of voting, Jake Odorizzi and Hak-Ju Lee are separated by only one vote (15 to 14 in favor or Odorizzi) with enough other votes available to swing the voting, so we have our first runoff. For those who need a quick refresh: in a runoff, you can choose between only the two eligible prospects. The winner is elected the 2nd best prospect, while the loser re-enters the contender pool. The poll will be left open for two days once again.

1. Taylor Guerrieri (44%)

Contenders:  Jake Odorizzi (RHP)and Hak-Ju Lee (SS).