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The Rays Tank: A-Rod Is NOT Retiring

It's no surprise A-Rod isn't retiring

Alex Trautwig

There was very little concern that he actually would, but in case it was keeping you up at night Alex Rodriguez has announced he is not retiring. If I had as much money coming to me as he does, they'd have to physically drag me off the field before I retired. And even then I might not file the correct paperwork.

That's good news for the Rays, as A-Rod sets up nicely as their 2014 DH when the Yankees buy him out of his contract. Win/Win/Win.

It was a slow news day so lets take a look at some quick-hit news from around the league.

The Yankees are going to sign Travis Hafner. I wanted the Rays to pick him up as their DH, but they signed the other oft-injured lefty bat on the market in Luke Scott. If healthy, which is a big if, Hafner should have fun with the right field porch in Yankee Stadium.

Martin Prado signed a 4yr/$40 million extension with the Diamondbacks. That's a pretty good move for both sides.

Arthur Rhones AND Fernando Tatis worked out for the Orioles. That's amazing. Rhodes, who is 43 and lives in Baltimore, didn't pitch in the majors last season. Black lefty relievers never die, man. Tatis, 38, hasn't played since 2010 and is best remembered as the guy who hit two grand slams in one inning. Orioles magic working again? Lets hope not.


-Enjoy your four month prison stint, Mark Grace.

-ESPN's Jerry Crasnick has a good piece about Aroldis Chapman making the switch from closer to starter.

-Jack Moore has an interesting take on Ken Caminiti's goody bag, steroids, Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr.

-Rembert Browne's dispatches from New Orleans for Grantland have been the favorite thing I've read this week.