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The Rays Tank: San Francisco meteor strike or things we can call Wil Myers home-run balls

Spring Training blazes on


Hey, its FanFest day! Who is going? Not I, my wife prefers Home Depot and painting our back room. Kill me.

Those that are attending are sure to be in for a treat as they can see their favorite players from a distance, buy stuff, and wait in long, expensive autograph lines. Fun! Seriously though, I'm just bitter about Home Depot.

As for news, It looks like Joel Peralta will not participate in the World Baseball Classic. The Rays are concerned with his workload during winter ball and also his Cuban sandwich induced neck injury. Fernando Rodney still plans to pitch for the Dominican Republic while wishing on a shooting star for a new contract. Ben Zobrist and Jose Molina will also participate.

Manager Joe Maddon took the time yesterday to twice mention how highly he thinks of the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona, telling Ron and Ian on WDAE that he is a big teddy bear and tweeting later about his right-hander.

Finally, Stu Sternberg finally met with Mayor Bill Foster and both parties were relatively quiet about what went on. However, in a somewhat positive sign, a Rays representative called the meeting productive.

Enjoy your Saturday, you monsters.