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The Rays Tank: "God's furry little creatures''

"I definitely put that bow to use and harvested some of God's furry little creatures.''


That's the latest quote from Luke Scott, who finalized his $2.75M deal with the Rays yesterday.

Marc Topkin reports bow hunting escapades have strengthened Scott's shoulder, and that the Boar Hunter is feeling great and "as strong as a bull''; meanwhile, Roger Mooney quoted Scott saying he added some "meat" this offseason, ten pounds heavier at 218.

Praise the Lord we have the quote machine back. Imagine what brilliance will shine forth if this guy can play a full season!

Joking aside, Scott is sn outstanding personality, and I'm excited to see what he can do while healthy. Per Topkin, "Scott is throwing at a distance of about 270 feet now and expects to be able to play 1B and the OF at the start of the season."

The Wolverine stands to make up to $750K through PA incentives, which would make his off season total $4.5M from the Rays (including his $1M buyout, which the Rays favored over a $6M option).


If those quotes aren't enough to whet your baseball pallat, enjoy some forgone taglines from MLB2k13 - featuring David Price, C.J. Wilson, and Giancarlo Stanton:

MLB 2K13 Rejected Taglines (via FoxSports)


- Price's french bulldog Astro may have some competition, for the Rays' favorite furry little creature dog. (I'm told Raymond the Sea Dog doesn't count.) Alex Cobb's american bulldog Axel made his way to the Trop yesterday, and easily made his way into the hearts of twitter followers everywhere.

- David Price may need to lookout this season, too. Jason Hanselman is expecting big things from Matt Moore, calling for another "passing of the dominant lefty torch" in 2013.

- Anthony Castrovince ranked the Rays bullpen second in baseball! (behind YOUR ATLANTA BRAVES)

- Adam Berry covers Jose Molina's excitement to play for Puerto Rico with his brother in the winter classic.

- Following in the footsteps of his brother George, who owned a baseball team between governing a state and running for President, two-term Florida governor Jeb Bush made an attempt to purchase the Miami Marlins from Jeffrey Loria this off-season, backed by investors with a "large offer." (Miami Herald)

- Finally, clearing the air that his future book on the Rays is not a product of bitterness, the Garfoose had kind words to share about Joe Maddon and his baseball "genius".