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The Rays Tank: New site writers and moderation update

It may only be Spring Training, but there's going to be a lot happening at DRaysBay over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


With the regular season fast approaching -- or at least, I'm still wondering where February went -- we've been working hard behind the scenes to get DRaysBay up to full steam by Opening Day. After an off-season that saw us lose four fantastic writers -- Jones, Brad, Collette, and Gengler -- we'll be introducing a number of new faces to the site over the coming weeks. If you missed him yesterday, Robbie Knopf made his DRB debut with Sunday's Tank, so stay tuned for new faces.

In other news, I've additionally made a few changes to the moderation policy here. Please read through the whole thing, but I've basically re-arranged the moderation guidelines to better represent our site enforcement priorities. As you can see, the main five guidelines have remained basically unchanged:

1. No personal attacks.
2. No slurs or offensive statements of any kind.
3. All images should be "Safe for Work".
4. Stay on topic, and no politics.
5. Keep an open mind.

The largest change is that we're enacting a "Three Strike" policy. Here are the details:

If you post something that goes against our five Guidelines, or you consistently fail to adhere to our Best Practices recommendations despite prompting, you will be issued a "Warning" by one of our site moderators. After three warnings, a user will be banned from DRaysBay, and these bans are permanent and not negotiable.

If a user is issued a Warning that they feel is unfair, they can appeal to the site manager for a ruling. This appeal should be made off-site via email, and if there is any grousing or complaining on-site about the validity of the Warning, that appeal will not be considered and the Warning will stand.

Additionally, users may lose "Strikes" through subsequent good behavior. If a user is issued one Warning, that Warning can be rescinded after four months of good behavior. If a user has been issued two Warnings, the second Warning can be rescinded after six months of good behavior. Once a user reaches three Warnings, though, they will be banned from DRaysBay.

This is obviously not a retrospective policy, and will only take into consideration Warnings given from here on out. I don't envision this being a big deal, as the comments have been particularly clean of late, but we had been lacking a more specific enforcement plan. Hopefully this will provide some clarity going forward.

And now, on to baseball: