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The Rays Tank: Rays Lose, Myers and Fontenot Impress

The Rays Tank: Rays Lose, Myers and Fontenot Impress


The Rays dropped yesterday's game to the Red Sox by a score of 5-1, but Jeremy Hellickson pitched a strong three innings, allowing two hits and one run while striking out four. Jeff Niemann, fighting to win the fifth starter's job, went two and a third, allowing a run on three hits.

The offense didn't do much outside of doubles by Jack Cust, Sean Rodriguez, Cole Figueroa, and Chris Giminez. It wasn't the a-team as Evan Longoria, Desmond Jennings, Luke Scott, Matt Joyce and Yunel Escobar didn't play.

Today Matt Moore makes his second appearance of the spring against the Twins in Port Charlotte. He got roughed up in his last outing, so hopefully this one goes a bit better.

In other Rays news, Joe Maddon has been impressed by Wil Myers and...Mike Fontenot. Being impressed with Myers is obvious. You should be impressed by the 22-year-old minor league player of the year. Maddon added "This guy is going to be really good. He is good. How much more does he have to accomplish to become a very good Major League player? I'm not sure yet, because I haven't seen enough, but it's easy to say he's going to be a very good Major League player."

Mike Fontenot is a diffrent story. He hasn't been a bad player in his career, he just hasn't been a particularly useful one since 2008 (3.1 WAR). With Ryan Roberts, Sean Rodriguez and Kelly Johnson already on the team I don't know where there would be room for Fontenot but Maddon is again impressed..

He could be a big part of what we do here. He fits in well. … There's still a chance for him to make the club. I mean that. I've really been impressed with him a lot. Not a little bit. He's good."

There just doesn't seem to a roster spot available as of yet.


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