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The Rays Tank: Alex Cobb Impresses, Hamstrings Remain Tight

The Rays Tank: Alex Cobb Impresses, Hamstrings Remain Tight


Alex Cobb is locked into the 4th starter position and is pitching like a man full of confidence. He had another impressive outing Thursday as the Rays beat the Pirates 4-2, albeit it is spring training. He's the first Rays' starter to be stretched out to four innings, allowing one hit, walking none, and striking out five. He also included five groundouts, which are his specialty. It's going to be exciting to see what he can do over a full season of work.

The next three innings belonged to Chris Archer, who didn't allow a hit and struck out three. Not that it means anything, but his spring ERA is 0.00. So, that's cool. Jake Odorizzi ruined the shutout, allowing two runs in his two innings.

David Price makes this third start of the spring today against the Phillies in Port Charlotte.

In Rays injury news, Sam Fuld and Luke Scott continue to nurse tight hamstrings. Mark Topkin reports that Fuld is going to miss another week, though his spot on the opening day roster shouldn't be in Jeopardy, while Scott should return to the lineup early next week.

If there's one thing Rays fans don't want to hear about, it's hamstrings. Evan Longoria tore his last season and missed significant time. Why must you afflict players on the 25 man roster, hamstring Gods? Couldn't you bite Shelley Duncan? I hear Jason Bourgeois's hamstrings are particularly tasty.


-Farhan Zaidi, the A's Director of Baseball Operations, talked about team's approach to roster construction at the Sloan Analytics Conference last week. If you're a saber nerd you'll love it.

-Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus is the best. I'm not even going to try to describe this article, just read it.

-The buntingest bunter who ever bunted.