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GDT: 35 Degrees in Boston

Game 1 in Boston, 1:05 EST, FOX

35 degrees in Boston!
35 degrees in Boston!

It's a chilly day in Boston.


Photo Credit: Marc Topkin

David Price v Jon Lester

RAYS LINEUP: Jennings CF, S-Rod 1B, Longoria 3B, Zobrist RF, Duncan DH, Escobar SS, Roberts 2B, Molina C, Joyce LF

RED SOX LINEUP: Ellsbury CF, Victorino RF, Pedroia 2B, Napoli 1B, Middlebrooks 3B, Nava LF, Gomes DH, Drew SS, Ross C

As Maddon mentioned earlier this week, Longo get's the 3-hole against lefties, swapping with Zobrist. Joyce will be starting in left field, keeping in line with the "Danks Theory."

The Process Report noted a recent change in David Price's delivery, which you can read more on here.

For more on the weekend match up, read Steve Kinsella's excellent series preview, and as always, GO RAYS.