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Rays vs. Orioles, Game 1: Lineups, Pitchers, and Gametime

The Tampa Bay Rays face the Baltimore Orioles this Tuesday at 3:10pm EST.


Opening Day is finally here! As a reminder before participating in our Game Day Thread, please take a read through the recent changes to our Community Guidelines. While there is some leniency in GDTs for cursing, emotional outbursts, and off-topic discussions, the Top Three rules all still apply and will be enforced strictly: no personal attacks, no slurs or offensive statements, and keep images "safe for work."

As for today's game, here's a quick blurb from Ian on Jason Hammel:

An imposing looking young pitcher with the Rays organization, Jason Hammel never quite managed to turn that corner into "imposing pitcher" during his time in Tampa Bay. Traded to the Rockies, he made himself useful, largely due to his high ground ball rate, but the thin Colorado air may have been obscuring just how good he had become. Upon a move to Baltimore, he immediately began to look the part of an ace, raising his strikeout rate to 8.6 K/9 and his ground ball rate above 50%. Although, Hammel's 2012 season was cut short by a knee injury, there's plenty of reason to think he'll be a high quality pitcher once again in 2013.

Essentially, Hammel shows no split. He spreads his pitches pretty evenly among a four seam fastball, a good sinker, a slider, and a curve (that while its results aren't amazing, looks like they should be). Against lefties, he mixes in a changeup for strikes and ground balls, but it's not a putaway pitch. The biggest pitch to point to for his breakout is his improved and more often used slider, which he buries for strikeouts against hitters of both handedness.


Rays: Jennings CF, Fuld RF, Zobrist 2B, Longoria 3B, Joyce LF, Escobar SS, Loney 1B, Molina C, Johnson DH

Orioles: Markakis RF, Machado 3B, Jones CF, Wieters C, Davis 1B, Hardy SS, Reimold LF, Pearce DH, Roberts 2B


David Price - 2.56 ERA, 3.05 FIP, 3.16 SIERA (2012 stats)

Jason Hammel - 3.43 ERA, 3.29 FIP, 3.53 SIERA (2012 stats)