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GDT: It's changeup time

Rob Carr

The testimony of John E. Doyle.

A That night we were marched out of the station and fell into companies and walked along the street, and it was a kind of a rainy night, the street was very muddy; we walked up. As I got across Randolph Street, about fifty feet, I should say, north of Randolph Street, there was a lamp there lighting and it went out, and we got on the line of an alley there, and Captain Bonfield ordered us to halt; we did, and Captain Ward ordered the men to disperse, and there was a man on a wagon, and the man on the wagon jumped off, and as he did he said "Now is your time. Now is your time!" and in about a second or two seconds after that there was something came, but I could not tell what it was, it made such a buzzing sound, and I says to my partner, "I wonder what that was," and it went off just that quick. I was knocked on the ground, and after I was knocked on the ground it was all black around from smoke, and I did not see anybody; there were some men standing north of Eagle Street, or near there, one man in particular I had noticed was in grey clothes, and he was shooting---shooting right at us men who were on the street.

Jake Peavy vs. Roberto Hernandez. Series preview. Go Rays.