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GDT: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cleveland Indians

The Rays welcome Lonnie Chisenhall and his team into The Trop for the start of a 3 game series.

This is the SECOND series, you guys.
This is the SECOND series, you guys.
Al Messerschmidt

Clevelend Preview Materials:

The conscience of the people demands that the Indians within our boundaries shall be fairly and honestly treated as wards of the Government and their education and civilization promoted with a view to their ultimate citizenship, and that polygamy in the Territories, destructive of the family relation and offensive to the moral sense of the civilized world, shall be repressed.

I'm pretty sure what that means is that we should play a clean game, the Vinoy should show them such great hospitality that they move to St. Pete when they retire, and that as Jason "Rudyard" Kipnis thinks it's our national duty to win the series.