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Rays vs. Padres GDT 3: The game where the Rays hold a lead *crosses fingers*

Someday the breaks will not be tough, but just breaks.

Intelligence is the fabric of society's tattered garment.
Intelligence is the fabric of society's tattered garment.
Bradley Woodrum

Today is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day! Mothers are important.

Today, everything is pink. But a more rigorous and honest look at why everything is pink should upset us.

But forget that. Don't forget it. Ignore it until Mother's Day is over. Celebrate survivors, yes. Celebrate losers, too. And celebrate mothers. It's Mother's Day.

Celebrate, if you have the gumption, the Tampa Bay Rays. They finish their series against the San Diego Padres today. They have a chance to be above .500 for the first time since the death of High Priest Imhotep.

Then on Monday, there will be no baseball. You will wait all day, but no baseball will come. The Chicago Bulls and Nate Robinson may tide you over, but no Evan Longoria, no David Price, no twirling, slugging, diving, or sliding.

Yeah, there are other baseball teams playing on Monday, but they are not the Rays. And today -- today the Rays are playing.

The Rays won Saturday, and Saturday was amazing and painful and then amazing again (#hireShelton). Now today is Sunday. Maybe today they win. Maybe today they have a sweep.

Happy Mothers' Day, mothers. And happy Mother's Day, everyone else.