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Rays vs. Red Sox GDT 2: It's Price day

It's Price day, Price day, Gotta get down on Price day / Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

This happened last mother's day.
This happened last mother's day.
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports, sort of.

At, there are fifty comments on Rebecca Black's song Friday.

Here's another FACT: Outside of an ugly blip in Colorado, David Price's fastball velocity has been edging upwards.


Here is the remainder of the information you requested; the core FACTS regarding the swirling majesty of bio-chemistry, the tricky matter of death and power and heat, as regards specifically the Tampa Bay Rays:

Render it unto the mystery of plaid
potholders and dough-crusted oven
mitts; heat will find its meandering way

to soft and smooth skin, to unguarded
fingerprints scorched into smoothness.
The gas grill burns quietly and twists

flames towards dead muscles and fat;
one creature's bicep is another's
meal. And the heat is what takes it

there. The heat is the difference
between death and life, the difference
between a corpse and meal, a

stomach and a hamburger medium-
well. It touches from a distance; it
glows and it darkens; the flame

renders paradox unto simplicity
and burns through the incapable hitter:
heat from a Tennessee lefty.