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Rays vs. Blue Jays GDT 2: The power of willpower

A litany of well-stated beliefs.

Photo credit: Tom Szczerbowski, plus some Gimp'n

There was an era
of a certainty of failure,
where the melodic suggestions of life
rasped out like a broken orchestra.
What changed merely was
the possessions in my head,
some beyond the standard foundation
of knowledge wrapping arms around me.

Sight leads to action
leads to belief
leads to feats

I believe gravity is my tool;
I believe I can hold the clouds in hand;
It's a constant, trembling thought:
Step off the ground, leave the earth.
I believe you will hear
the sound barrier under my foot;
I believe gravity is my tool.

It's an empty lot on the southside,
grass grown knee-high,
with broken windows on each side;
a pulsating silence of hope.

But sight leads to action
leads to belief
leads to feats.

And if gravity is my tool,
Michael Jordan my point guard,
Bill Murray my bench,
R Kelly my rhythm,
Bugs Bunny my pusher,
and Toronto my catalyst,
then flight is the least of my worries.