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Rays vs. Yankees GDT 2: Alex Rodriguez, real estate mogul

The house that A-Rod built. The house that A-Rod bought. The house that A-Rod demolished.

Photo credit: The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

"When you're offered the highest price for a home in a city's history, you have to take it," said Jose More, a business partner of Rodriguez who is the vice president of his construction company.

Confidentiality agreements protect the buyer's identity, but More did reveal that the buyer is a businessman, not an athlete.

That's an important distinction, since so many athletes customize their homes so much that they find trouble selling them to anyone outside the sports world. The only feature in the house that is obsolete to the new owners is an indoor batting cage.

"Alex was ahead of his time in his design of the modern, clean, elegant structure," More said. "There are eight houses in the area that are now being built exactly like this."

The home is on the same street as houses owned by actor Matt Damon and Miami Heat stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

More says that A-Rod has not picked his next home site, but he will very likely demolish what he buys.