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Rays prospect Josh Sale suspended indefinitely

Well this is disappointing.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook, via Deadspin
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook, via Deadspin

What you post on social networks is basically public knowledge. If you're a public figure, and you're gonna be candid on facebook, anything is fair game for reporters to find.

Enter Deadspin, who have a knack for unearthing the unsavory (albeit entertaining) aspects of professional athletes.

Leading with the title, "On Facebook, Rays Prospect Brags About Throwing Change At A Stripper" -- with the picture accompanying this article and a screenshot from Sale's facebook describing the incident -- it's no surprise the hammer has fallen.

Welp... Deep breath.

This is beyond fair.

We made light of the situation in our Game Day Thread yesterday, but it's more than worth noting that the action and insults posted by Sale were deplorable, ill-advised, and never to be advertised.

And honestly, on a personal note, it just fills me with disappointment -- that he frequents strip clubs, lacks respect for women (according to his shirt and word choice), that he lacks respect for the organization that drafted him by publicly posting these events and comments, and even that he lacks proper spelling and grammar. He looks and sounds like a damned fool, and it weighs heavy on my mind that he represents the Tampa Bay Rays.

Apparently, gladly, the Rays agree.

Sale was drafted 17th out of high school in 2010, and had already served a major league suspension for the use of amphetamines.

Entering the season, Sale was ranked 10th in our DRaysBay writing staff prospect rankings and 11th by the DRaysBay community, but was otherwised unmentioned around the industry.

For more on Sale, read the latest from Scott Grauer.