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Rays vs. Marlins GDT 1: Oh, I get it; it's a green screen

Meanwhile in Chicago...

Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann and Photo credit: J. Meric

So Dioner Navarro worked out with Joey Votto this last offseason. He then hit 5 homers in just 56 ABs during the 2013 Spring Training. Weird, right?

Navarro, from 2004 through 2012, hit 41 homers in 2239 PA -- that's a 1.8% HR-rate. In 2013, he has hit 3 homers in 59 PA, a 5.1% HR-rate.

Oh. Right. Then he went 3-for-3 this afternoon against the White Sox. Three home runs. One walk. A universe of Rays fans and baseball watchers scratched their heads bald.

Navarro's offense went from 66 wRC+ to 131 wRC+ in a single afternoon. His 2013 HR-rate is now at 9.5%.

He is still average at framing, not-good at throwing out runners, and terrible at blocking pitches. Maybe he can play first base?

And maybe Joey Votto will accept a job as hitting coach?

SP David Price for 1B / hitting coach Joey Votto.

*clicks "Force Trade"*