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GDT: Rays at Rockies, game 1

With an excerpt from a letter to James W. Denver.

Thank you, Territorial Kasas Online (James W. Denver was the governor of the Kansas territory):

I have just received by Express from Leavenworth your letter, (with others from Mr 6). The information contained in yours affords me much satisfaction, and, indeed, I may say, relief situated as I have been, and, as I still am. I did hope, to see you here, that, for yourself, you might know, and understand the true state of things in this region. When I wrote to you to come and send additional forces of military, to be stationed in different places, civil war in all its honors, was initiated. Violence had started to run riot. Until then, when, Montgomery and his murderers, & robbers, commenced his operations almost in sight of this place, in broad day light; and that too under they eyes of, Griffith’s convention, and he Griffith, refused to permit the person attending that meeting to interfere to save the settlers (his neighbors) from being robbed, & their families driven from their homes, when they could have saved them; and then sent an express from their convention, to notify Montgomery & his men, of the approach of the Marshall & his posse of U. S. troopers, that the bandits might escape, or fortify for resistance, which they did – These are facts well established by good men of that party who were in attendance at the convention.