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Behind the Scenes Changes at DRaysBay

Even "The Blade" had to hang up his spikes at some point. It's the changing of the guard.

I don't want to make this long or self-indulgent, so let's jump right to the point: I'm stepping down from running DRB as of today, and Ian Malinowski will be taking over in my stead.

I've been writing at DRaysBay for over four years and running things for nearly three, but over the past year, it's become increasingly obvious that I simply don't have the free time necessary to do the job. I love the site - it's why I've stuck around so long, even after my life got crazy - but I care about it too much to linger on while doing a suboptimal job running things. The writers here have all done a fantastic job carrying things along and keeping the site interesting, but the site - and all you readers - deserve more than that.

As such, I'm excited to announce that Ian will be taking over the site from me. As you all know, he's an excellent writer and analyst -- it's a crime FanGraphs or BPro haven't scooped him up already -- and I'm really excited to see where he takes the site. He's got a lot of great writing and blogging know-how, and I have no doubt that he'll be a better EIC than I've been able to be over this past year.

I'll still be around the interwebs, so no worries, I won't be disappearing. I'll be around Twitter, writing for my job's blog, and I'm sure once I have time to get my bearings, I'll get back into writing about baseball some too.

Before I go, I owe a lot of thank you's to people for getting me to this place. Thanks to R.J. Anderson for first believing in me and giving me a writing gig here. Thanks to Tommy Rancel for asking me to take over when he stepped down. Thanks to all the writers over the years that have made this site SO MUCH better than it could ever have been as a one-man show. And thanks to all the readers that have continued to read DRB through the years, and only given me mild crap for all the typos and late-night writing blunders. I owe so many people beers, it's probably a good thing I live in the Northeast.

Go Rays! And as always, all hail Casey Fossum.