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David Price Progress Report: Velocity Returns?

During his second of three rehab sessions in the bullpen, David Price spotted a familiar friend: the number 99.


Price reportedly told those watching -- which was a lot of players and media due to tonight's Red Sox match up on ESPN -- that he could have pitching in the game this evening. That's a good sign. An even better sign? I can think of two:



This has been Price's first career stint on the Disabled List, and by the look of things, it will soon come to an end.

It was not uncommon for David to advertise how great he felt this spring, fresh off his Cy Young award season and pitching to form early, but there was a notable difference in his post-game discussions after a simulated game in the rain left him feeling off.

Since then, his velocity had been missing. Check out his chart from Fangraphs:


Price started at his previous season low, and the average didn't get much higher. Now he feels better than ever, as far as 2013 is concerned. Now David is saying the velocity is back. If you can take him at his word, get excited! A return to 99 MPH in this most recent 45-pitch bullpen session would be a welcomed change, as we are all eager to have our Cy Young award winner back in the saddle again.

Price has been sidelined with left triceps inflammation since mid-May.

He's scheduled to throw one more bullpen session before returning to live pitching. His previous bullpen session had lasted 38 pitches over eight minutes.

Side note: Now might be a great time to go and acquire David Price for your fantasy team. I recently traded Tim Hudson for Price, and this report has me grinning ear to ear.

UPDATE: Maddon announces Price's rehab timeline.