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The Rays Tank: Still no Wil Myers, but hey, we're not the Mets

It's good to be thankful.

Is that Wil Myers beneath the mask?
Is that Wil Myers beneath the mask?

We had a bit of scheduling confusion today, so you're getting a late and abbreviated Tank. Sorry about that.

Here's the only bit of news anyone cares about. Wil Myers is still not promoted. I'm reverting to all sorts of superstitious behavior in anticipation. I'll be eating lunch at a BBQ joint called The Mighty Quinn, and if he's not here tomorrow, I'll read some Beckett over the weekend. Are y'all doing your part to hasten his coming?


Jeff Moore at The Hardball Times took a look at how different teams handle call-up season. Predictable spoiler: The Rays have a plan; the Mets do not.

The Beyond the Box Score podcast discussed Matt Joyce.

With the Rays struggling to hit with runners in scoring position last series, it's time to take a look once more at clutchness. Beyond the Box Score looks at the Cardinals and their recently clutch ways, and Tom Tango claims that with proper baselines, Derek Jeter can be seen to be the clutchest playoff hitter of the past several decades (rats, I like it more when smart people say he's overrated).

Phil Birnbaum talks about how much more difficult it is to beat your opponents than it is to beat yourself. The corollary to this is that a competent analytics department does the most good by helping a team avoid stupid and costly mistakes. That's not good enough for the Rays. They need to avoid the mistakes, but they also need to edge their richer opponents in almost every situation (The Extra 2%). Moneyball is not about playing the median.