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The Rays Tank: Evan Longoria battling Plantar Fasciitis


Evan Longoria has been the Rays designated hitter the last two games against Kansas City, but that has little to do with Luke Scott's woeful offense. He's been battling a case of plantar fasciitis.

It's a bout with inflammation in the fleshy part under the foot (to sound scientific). The easy remedy is to take a day off, but considering the Rays are in a bit of a skid, he's playing his at bats to stave off missing playing time.

The injury has been nagging Longoria, and this week enough was enough. After the game, Roger Mooney quoted Longoria on the foot:

"I can DH and still be effective."

It's probably been bothering me for like two weeks now, but it kind of gets to the point where I don't really feel like I'm doing it any good to go out there and run around on it. I can DH and still be effective.

The Rays will have a natural off day in the schedule on Monday, which should provide the rest he needs, and the game plan is for Longoria to stay off the astroturf until then.

The hope is that, with a couple DH days, stay off of the turf here and then get the off day going into Boston, that should give it enough time to be fine and I should be back out there.

In 2011, you may remember Longoria required minor surgery on his left foot, but the incidents are unconnected. This is Longoria's first instant of plantar fasciitis in his career, and it's located in his right foot.

So what's the take away? Fantasy owners, you need not worry unless you league counts Defensive Runs Saved.

Meanwhile, here's a behind the scenes video from the Tampa Bay Times of Longoria, his girlfriend Jaime, and their little Elle.

You can read Topkin's heartfelt story on Longoria's new life as a dad here.