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The Rays Tank: Debut at a Doubleheader

Rays fans will get their first glimpse of Wil Myers at the major league level today as the Rays take on the Red Sox in a day-night doubleheader.


Off-days are usually slow news days, but yesterday was definitely filled with excitement. Wil Myers made his way up to Boston to join the rest of the Rays before their series at Fenway Park.

The pitching matches for today’s doubleheader are as follows: 1:05 PM game will have Chris Archer against Alfredo Aceves. Aceves threw six innings of one-run ball allowing only four hits the last time he faced us less than a week ago. In that same game, Archer threw 103 pitches over four innings, giving up two runs and taking the loss. In the 7:10 PM game, Jake Odorizzi will rejoin the Rays once again and take on Felix Doubront. In Odorizzi’s last start, he went only 3.1 innings while giving up two earned runs on four hits and two walks. He is still searching for his first win with the Rays this season.

Danny took a good look at the Rays rotation shuffle yesterday, which you can read about here.

If you Wil…

So what should we expect from Wil Myers major league debut? Ian took a look at how top prospects have performed against their projections in quite the enjoyable post yesterday. I'm going to guess he goes 1-4 with a K in the first game and then 2-3 with a homerun and walk in the night game. How about you?

If 1:05 PM is too far away and you want Wil now, we’ve got you covered. Danny compiled some highlights of what Myers has done so far this season in Durham. The moonshot featured in video number four (also linked below) could easily clear the Green Monster, as it sailed well over the Blue Monster in Durham.

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Speaking of the Green Monster, in his conference call with the media last night, Myers talked about his previous experience at Fenway and how he has indeed launched some homeruns over the wall. Audio courtesy of Steve Carney, 620 WDAE.

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Bill Chastain of wrote about how Wil Myers’ big-league dreams are finally coming true. He stated that even Myers thinks that starting off lower in the lineup will help ease him into the majors and take away any added pressure. Chastain also answered fan questions about the arrival of Wil Myers in this article.


-Joe Maddon officially opened the Hazelton One Community Center in his hometown of Hazelton, Pennsylvania, yesterday. According to the Hazelton Intergration Project website, the Center is "conducive to creating opportunities for economically challenged children to participate in a variety of no-cost or low-cost educational, cultural and athletic activities."

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>The Hazleton One Community Center is officially open. Today was a beautiful day in my hometown. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Joe Maddon (@RaysJoeMaddon) <a href="">June 17, 2013</a></blockquote>

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-Sneakerheads, this one’s for you. I present to you the Air Jordan 12 PE Cleats. Did you also know that Jeremy Guthrie plays on the Rays?

-Adam Jones told Jim Rome yesterday that he thinks Ed Reed, Houston Texans DB, could play centerfield. That would be interesting to witness.

-Jeff Sullivan of Fan Graphs takes a look at the top ten overachievers and underachievers throughout MLB this season. Two former Rays show up as underachievers. Bet you’ll never guess who!

-Bill Petti of Fan Graphs observed hitter volatility and found that Evan Longoria has been the most consistent hitter in MLB through June 16th.

-Here’s one more Wil Myers homerun for you to watch, just to get you even more amped for his debut today!

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