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Rays vs. Red Sox GDT 3: I can't remember winning; can you?

"This a buncha twisty horse doody. I'm going home." --Florence Nightengale


Welcome aboard John from Clearwater. You're on the air.

Thanks, Dave. I want to talk about this supposed Wil Myers phenom we promoted. He's done jack squat in the majors. Can I say jack squat on the radio?


Well Myers has done jack squat, and I'm pretty sure Joe Maddon has broken -- he's broken another prospect -- because he refused to bat him third; he's refused to put the season's best chance at the playoffs in an RBI situation, and now we've got this.

Thanks, John.

So what do we think of that? What do we think of Maddon's inability to put young guys in the right situation? Steven from Tampa, you're on the air.

Dave, maybe you can answer this for me, or maybe you're just as mystified as me, and I don't think there is a clear cut answer here, maybe this is the kind of distant thing that's caused us our season, maybe this is part of the issue, I mean, like a big part of the issue, and I hope you've got an answer for it, because I don't; the people I know don't; but here's my question: Why. Has Jamey Wright. Not been promoted. To closer?

That's a good question.

Why hasn't Joe Maddon and Andy Friedman not put the right pitcher--


--in the right situation? It's not a thing about race. No, I'm not saying that. But I'm starting to wonder if there's something else underneath. I mean there's got to be something. Three years of an ERA under 4.00 -- that's closer material. That's a closer. You've got to wonder if something else is going on.


Y'know. Underneath.

Is Joe Maddon not putting Jamey Wright at closer because of race? Is that what's happening? The fans are beginning to wonder. The fans are going to want answers. Next caller.

Hi Dave. This is Jon from St. Pete.

Jon you're on the air. What's your thoughts on the closer controversy?

Dave, it's totally about wrace. Can you prove it's not about wrace? No. The burden of proof is on the doubters. It's on the doubters, and they can't do it.

Is Joe Maddon -- is Joe Mad-dumb -- deliberately ruining the Rays? He's turned a sure-hit prospect, Wil Myers, into a sure-miss. A sure-miss. He's clearly not putting Wright at closer because of wracism. He's clearly benching Sean Rodriguez because of wracism. And Fernando Rodney hasn't pitched in three games? Wracism. And where has David Price been? Why is Joe Maddon not sending him out there?

If anyone knows the answers, it will be you, the callers, the fans. So stay tuned. We'll get to the bottom of it. This is The Dave L. Rays show on 2001 AM.