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Rays vs. Yankees GDT 1: Wil homer no. 1 come in NY?

The "Wil He Homer?" Watch enters Day 4.

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NEW YORK -- Fans of Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Wil Myers stood outside of the stadium on Thursday afternoon. They held hand-painted signs and lounged around the Gate D entrance on folding chairs and Tupperware coolers.

"When Wil it End?" read a simple sign of blue paint on white posterboard.

"Wil He Homer?" said large, pink lettering with rainbow glitter dashed across the word "Homer."

Sue Calzone, 72, of Bradenton, FL, has been camping in front of the Gate D entrance since Monday, awaiting the arrival of the Tampa Bay Rays and the right fielder whom she calls the "season savior."

"We are just hopeful," says Calzone. "We're hopeful, but we're also ready."

The right-handed hitting Wil Myers has generated considerable fan interest since his June 17th promotion to the big leagues, but defense and doubles may not be enough. Fans are growing weary of his lack of big power.

"It's good to have two-baggers and singles, but what we want -- what the team needs -- is homers. Three-run homers," said Bill Regal of Yonkers, New York. The 48-year-old septic tank technician has an oversized calendar report Wil Myers' home run totals. A series of red zeros mark the days. "I think we're all ready to put a non-zero integer on this calendar."

"It's coming. We know it is," says Calzone. She shakes the excess glitter from a sign that says, "Fort Myers has Gunz!"

"Obviously no one expected we would have to wait as long as 12 plate appearances or 3 games, and we'll may have to wait even longer," she says, "but we know it's coming."