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Alex Cobb injury details confirmed, begins rehabilitation; still no timetable for return

Cobb shows progress, still no timetable for his return.

Ed Zurga

Alex Cobb, the Rays' resident ace this season, has been on the sidelines for seven days since taking a line drive behind the ear in his most recent start against the Royals.

Cobb was released from the hospital the following morning with the diagnosis of a "mild concussion" and was placed on the 7-Day Concussion disabled list; however, there had been no updates on his progress since the injury until yesterday.

We now know that Cobb's battle with concussion symptoms, including headaches and problems with balance, have been isolated to a fluid buildup behind his right ear.

Thankfully, in a sign of progress, Cobb returned to Tropicana Field this morning to begin his rehabilitation.

The Rays still do not have a time table for his return.


Joe Maddon formally announced this afternoon that Alex Colome will be called upon to pitch Cobb's stead, as was expected. The Rays had been limiting Colome's pitching performances at Triple-A Durham to short starts, seemingly in preparation to gain rest for a stint in the majors.

He will be promoted after the game this evening to face C.C. Sabathia tomorrow afternoon. The corresponding move will be confirmed later tonight.

Colome's promotion was not attached to a firm end date, as Jake Odorizzi's was after his spot start in Fenway Park on Monday.